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Yay. She is 1 year old today :) :) :)

At 3 months:

and earlier:

Mochi NomNom:

Mochi and "Jake the Snake"

My back yard. freshly mowed :)

Smart Barrr

Picnic in Wicker Park the park

sidewalk chalk lolz

michigan fagz

(10:05:51 PM) Righ Toast: if i were the filmmakers i'd take all the sea turtles and put them in the ocean where they're supposed to go
(10:05:59 PM) Righ Toast: fuck those crabs
(10:06:05 PM) Righ Toast: then i'd eat the crabs
(10:06:14 PM) Righ Toast: after i fucked them
(10:06:50 PM) cup: you are such a lovely young lady.
Here are some pictures of my baby at the dog beach:

This was her first time at the doggy beach :) She loves it. She can play for hours.

In other news...my apartment isn't coming along as quickly as I'd hoped. I asked John to bring a power drill over so I can finish building my ikea furniture...which by the way, if you're buying furniture at IKEA why would the company assume you're rich enough to even own a power drill, which is what is required to build their furniture? Doesn't make any sense.

Anyway... I asked John to bring over a power drill and he brings over a power SAW instead. The thing weighs like 50lbs and is taking up a lot of space in my apartment. I'll need to use it eventually to cut the flooring but I hate looking at that giant tool in my living room. What I REALLY needed to get shit done was a power drill. Fuckin dicks.
This will be my new apartment ASSUMING I can rent out the apartment I'm in now. I still have two months on this lease. My craigslist ads for the place won't come up in the search but every other posting will. It's driving me fucking nuts and no one is willing to help me except Tophat. Thanks Tophat! 

Our deck overlooking the completely fenced in back yard with grass!! Omg! Mochi is going to love it. And it will be good to have parties there too.

Main bathroom. Note the jets in the tub, omg. Jets!!

Livingroom. I'm probably going to repaint or figure out some way to cover up the walls haha. And rugs. lots of rugs.

Dining room. Also considering a new paint job on this. I probably wont want to pay the extra money though, heh.

Bedroom! Fuck this is small. I can deal though.

Other bedroom. Also very small.

Other bedroom's closet. I'm going to have to get a wardrobe to put in the lving room for all of my clothes.

Master bedroom. This is Nathans room. Hes paying a lot more in rent for this haha. His closet is almost the same size as Taryns room and my room. And Nathan will have his own full bathroom.

This is all assuming I can rent out this apartment by March 1st.

kitchen. Going to find some way to section off the laundry. But I'm glad we have laundry in unit at least.

Overall a crappier looking apartment but I'm saving $92/mo moving here AND it has the back yard I've always wanted for my doggy. And its right across the street from k mart, grocery store, post office, baskin robins, dunkin donuts, the blue line, my BFF ashton, aldo, a wig store, and various other good stuff.
I need to stop talking to the breeder that I got Mochi from or she'll start to hate me too:

(Background: I had been emailing a breeder on the Chin forum I post on about getting another dog for Mochi to play with. I was asking her specific questions about the dog but not yet fully committing. She had been trying to push this dog on me since Mitsuko died and I was giving it some consideration.)

I am just a little upset right now with both you and me.
You DO NOT tell someone you are taking their dog and then keep on looking and posting on a shared website what you are looking at.
I can not believe that I am stupid enough to get excited that you were getting one of my dogs twice.
I had been emailing and talking on the phone to a lady in Arizona that wanted Seth.  She planned to fly in to pick him up, but when I got this email from you I told her he had been sold to someone else and gave her the name of a friend that had a puppy for sale....She has already bought and picked up the other puppy.
I  sincerely hope you find the dog you want and will be happy with it because there is no way that I will ever sell one of my dogs to you.  If you are this indecisive over what dog and where to buy it I don't feel like I want to deal with you.

This email was in my inbox after I posted about rescuing a chin. She must have finally saw my posts (I have been posting about this for at least a week now).

This is the last email I sent the breeder 8 days ago:

I think I should let you know we're looking into other rescues at the
moment too. Johns brother volunteers at a shelter here and there is a
chin there being processed for adoption. That's all I know about that
one atm though. If the dog is too old or unhealthy I wouldn't be able
to adopt. I'm also going to call today about a 4 yr old female chin
rescue. No dogs are in serious consideration yet except Seth though.
Ill keep you posted.  And don't get me wrong, I love Seth and I know
he's a great healthy dog, but rescuing has always been in my heart and
if I had an opportunity to rescue a chin I would love to do it.

How can this email be misinterpreted to "I definitely want your dog and please hold him for me so no one else can buy him"?

Hai Guyz!

No one reads LJ anymore but I'm doing this for me now.

Mochi is doing well in the house. If I haven't posted this on LJ yet, I got Mochi on 12/31/2009! She is 3 months old now. I guess I just realized tomorrow I will have had her for a month. She's finally getting the hang of this litter training thing. She still chews and bites a lot but one thing at a time I guess.

Lots of sticking her tongue out. I wonder if this is just a puppy thing or if she'll do it for the rest of her life:

I mock her.

And here are some non-sticking-tongue out ones:

She gets some crazy eyes when she's really into a toy. Her face is like "omfg this toy!"

Me and babykins <3

Mochi and people daddy.

I got some tattoos today:

Fuck this one hurt!!!

A tribute to Mitusko my love. And just a general tattoo for all of the chins I will own now and in the future. SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!! RIGHT??

PS- Have I mentioned that I love that Nathan works at starbucks?:

Tea nomnom crazy!  I only like the ones with caffeine.


For those who haven't read my twitter or facebook this is my new baby:

Here are pics from my recent trip to Kalahari Resorttttttssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in Wisconsin Dells:
Our hotel was the exact opposite end of the indoor water park and indoor theme park. So every day where I took this picture we had to walk to the very other side of the resort (pictured here...in the far off distance). The walk was kind of entertaining though.
And they had tigers.
It was hard to capture the tigers on camera they're quick little babies.
fun adventure land. more on that later.
Crayz man cutting up stuff and throwing knives in the air! food was really really good here. I had an awesome ass steak.  Our server was a bitch though.
Johnny and I played in the play thing. Taryn and Nate were too cool to come in with us. It was really fun though heh. Our favorite part was the squishy thing. 

Climby wall was hard. I fell off it when I did it haha. Fail. I got to about the point Johnny is in this picture though.

Go karts were fun. I'm pretty sure that was my first time on a go kart.
Indoor swimmy land.
Wave pool. These pictures don't do justice of the awesomeness of the indoor water park.
The pictures also don't capture our awesome hotel  suite.
Heres a pic from their site. This is exactly what our suite looked like. I very much appreciated not being forced to eat out every day that weekend. Cooking in a hotel is just fun. You don't have to do your own dishes! <3
And every night when the pastry store closed we got freeeee pastries! and coffee!
Taryn ruining the shots. He loves it.

another attempted photo ruining of John with an ape.
Crazy adventure indoor land. Johnny beat me at mini golf by ONE point. I think he cheated.
Taryn and nate drunk waiting in line to go go karting. They got yelled at by the staff for swerving hahaha.
rope climby adventure thing was fun. By the time I took these pictures this was about the 3rd time Johnny did it so I sat it out.
It goes VERY high.

This weekend Johnny and I made a ginger bread house from scratch:
We had never made one before so I'd say this turned out pretty well. I think John and I found a new puppy for me. She is bread from the number one Japanese Chin breeder/shower in the US. This is her father:
She's going to be lemon colored like this guy...lemon meaning mainly white with some light brown. No pictures of her yet though. All I know about her so far is that she's a female lemon is about 8 weeks old and will be available from 10-12 weeks. Upcoming fun things for me? Who knows. Getting my new doggy soon hopefully. I'm a wreck without a doggy to love and snuggle.


Here are some random photos taken this week too:

Taryns addition to our neighbors sign. I wonder if she's seen it yet. Actually, I think this sign was taken down recently! hahahhah.

The aftermath of us drinking last Thursday. Oats everywhere.
So the thing I've been making numerous obnoxious updates about for the last eight months has already passed away. I couldn't think of a more obviously worse thing to happen to me. Mitsuko was my comfort dog. She was my first. The dog I had been waiting patiently to get for years. And now at a year old she has already been reduced to ashes under my care. I was at work when she was hit by a car and I still feel responsible somehow.

Yesterday I received this in the mail:

I think I would rather have not had this. I had no idea the vets office was going to make this for me. It was obviously made after she died, too. Now that I have it I can't just throw it away. Anyway, that paw cast ruined my day yesterday. I cry every day I come home from work now, but that cast made everything a lot worse. I couldn't stop thinking about how tiny her paw is in this.

When is this feeling going to be over? Its been two weeks since Mitsuko passed and I still feel almost the same as I did the first day of her death. God. I have never cried so much in my life.... and I am not a sensitive person. I've never had to deal with death before. I cried myself to sleep and as soon as I woke up the next morning I began crying again. This didn't stop for literally days. My eyes were completely red and blood shot. I cried so much it began to burn my tear ducts. I didn't even fucking know that could happen to humans.

Johnny seems to be over it. I have no one to relate to share these feelings with anymore. People having to put their pets down because they're old is one thing. Granted, I'm sure it's still painful, but god damn it is nothing like this. Mitsuko was the only consistently good thing in my life.

John and I picked up her ashes today. I also had John get her old harness with her name tag on it because I wanted it. On the way there, looking at the harness that still had mud on it from playing in his back yard, it just sucks. I was too emotional to go in the vets office to get her ashes myself. I hate when I'm crying and I can feel people's sympathy. It just makes me cry even more. Her urn is nice at least:

Apparently the "rainbow bridge" is some made up pet heaven. I think that sounds kind of gay but whatever.

The urn is sitting on my computer desk next to my bed. Baby enjoyed snuggling with me in bed so I'm sure she'd want to be as close to me as possible. John and I are going to bury some of her ashes in Smith Park this weekend. I took Mitsuko there every other day since I've had her pretty much. We've had a lot of good times there.

Here are the last pictures of her from Thanksgiving at my parents house. I'm glad I took a thousand pictures and video while I had her at least.

Snuggling her nomnom on the car ride there. She was always so good in the car.

Granddaughter and Grandma.

Beggin for nomnoms

more begging for nomnoms...but she knows I'm onto her.

sleepy baby tired from beggin

my mommy took this one. such a pretty baby.

Mitsuko loved my dad. She usually doesnt sit on peoples laps.

she loved hanging out in my bookshelf.

Sigh. I miss you, Mitsuko.